Below are listed some Frequently Asked Questions and your Student User Agreement if you are currently working with one of our tutors.


If you have a question that is not listed below, please feel free to email us using the email address listed at the bottom of the page.

How does the Tutoring Process Work?

Once you’ve been referred to a tutor by management, the tutor will provide you with their personal contact information.

From there, you will continue to book sessions with your tutor as much as needed.

How often should you meet with your Tutor?
Usually, School of Thought Tutoring recommends meeting with a tutor once a week per subject. You can always change the frequency of meetings with your tutor to make it more convenient for you.
Where are the Tutoring Sessions Held?

The location of the tutoring sessions is up to the students. Most students prefer to meet at their house, but you can also meet at public locations such as a library, coffee shop, or school.

Our qualified tutors also offer remote sessions if that is your preference.

How do I reschedule/rebook a paid tutoring session?
Rescheduling of paid sessions will be handled by your individual tutor. If you reach out to them, they will be able to answer all of your questions. If more information is needed, contact us via email.
What if I miss a tutoring session?
Missing a tutoring sessions without reasonable notice will require payment for the session. If reasonable notice is given before the beginning of the session, then you will be able to reschedule, free of charge. It is the tutor’s discretion as to what a “reasonable” amount of time is.
What if I am late for a tutoring session?
If you are late to a tutoring session, it is up to the tutor whether or not they will tutor for a full hour, or finish the session at the regularly scheduled time. For example, if you have an hour session at 4pm, and are late by 15 minutes, the tutor will decided whether or not the session will continue until 5pm or 5:15pm. Either way, the full amount for the session must be paid.
Download your Student User Agreement

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Student user Agreement

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