As all of us are all too aware, COVID-19 has impacted our lives in numerous ways: no longer being able to visit family and friends, working from home, remote classes and lectures, and countless other examples. These changes have proved to be challenging and certainly have the potential negatively impact our lives. For students the biggest risk of the pandemic might be to their academic success. Students applying to university or planning to in the future need to still achieve excellent marks and gain a strong understanding of requisite material to be considered for, and succeed in, many competitive programs and remote learning just isn’t as effective as in-person and students may suffer academically as a result.

Supplementary academic support can be an invaluable resource for students during this time. This is exactly why we here at School of Thought Tutoring are continuing our services in a remote fashion. With our additional support we can compensate for the limitations brought about by the current circumstances and make sure students can continue to reach their full potential.

To make sure the high school or junior high student in your life doesn’t fall behind as a result of COVID-19 sign up for your first tutoring session by clicking here.